How We Work

We can assist you avoid the loss
of the abandoned cash we've located

We search local, state, and federal government financial records to identify abandoned cash that is not readily visible and often subject to involuntary forfeiture.

While all businesses are governed by state laws that mandate when abandoned cash must be escheated (sent to the state for safekeeping), many government agencies are exempt from reporting abandoned cash in its possession to any state as unclaimed property.

In fact, if the government agency holding the abandoned cash does not receive a proper claim by its specific filing deadline, the owner forever forfeits their right to claim the funds and the abandoned cash becomes the property of the government.

Why Our Solution Works

We utilize our own internal and proprietary database to compile and track abandoned cash held by local, state, and federal government agencies.

No confidential information is required. And you won’t need to divert valuable resources because we do
all the work necessary for the funds to be paid. After receipt of payment is confirmed, we then invoice for our contingent fee which is a percentage the amount received.

Our proven processes and significant experience drive savings to your bottom line, with no upfront costs or out of pocket expenditures.