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Abandoned Cash Recovery Services

In today’s business climate, companies increasingly challenged with finding ways to cut costs and increase revenue are realizing the value of the abandoned cash recovery services offered by Payment Processing Services, LLC (doing business as Expert Money Finders).

Utilizing our unique and proprietary search techniques and automation technologies, we locate abandoned cash held by local, state, and federal government agencies.

We then assist the rightful owner to claim their money on a purely contingent fee basis.

This is actual money owed by the government to individuals and companies, both large and small, for things like government issued checks that were never cashed, unpaid government incentives or rebates, inactive deposits, outstanding refunds, etc.

And, if the government agency holding the abandoned cash does not receive a proper claim by its specific filing deadline, the owner permanently forfeits their right to claim the funds (and the abandoned cash becomes the property of the government).

Our service helps you prevent avoidable losses and provides a guaranteed return (with no upfront costs or out of pocket expenditures).

Success Story


Recovered So Far!
$ 999999

Our client, a publicly traded Fortune 500 company, was content with recoveries made by their in-house team. When we initially alerted them that we had identified a significant amount of abandoned cash (not reported to any state unclaimed property office), they were quite skeptical that any additional assets could be found by an outside firm.

Imagine their surprise (and delight) when we confirmed over two million dollars of abandoned cash was available to be claimed!

With multiple mergers and acquisitions occurring throughout the years, the client was unaware of the abandoned cash which rightfully belonged to them. Even with a dedicated internal team, there was only so much that could be found.

The Solution

Our team submitted proper claims before the governmental filing deadlines and successfully recovered the abandoned cash.


Our client received payment and avoided the loss of over two million dollars of unknown, abandoned cash that otherwise would have become property of the government.